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Article 15 Full Movie HD Download - Watch Online

Article 15 is a 2019 Indian Hindi crime drama film co-screened by Gaurav Solanki, scripted, produced and directed by Anubhav Sinha and produced by Zee Studios. Starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Nassar, Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, Isha Talwar, Sayani Gupta, Sushil Pandey, Veen Harsh and Sumbul Touqeer follow a police investigation that began after three teenage girls disappeared in a small town.
This film covers Article 15 of the Indian Constitution, which prohibits discrimination on religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. While not based on one specific case, the film was inspired by several real-life incidents, including the 2014 bar down gang rape charges and the 2016 Una whipping. The main photo shoot began on March 1, 2019 in Lucknow. The film's soundtrack was composed by Anurag Saikia, Piyush Shankar, Devin Parker, and Gingger, written by Rashmi Virag, Shakeel Azmi, Slow Cheeta, Dee MC, Kaam Bhaari and SpitFire, and released as a banner called Zee Music Company.

Article 15 Full Movie HD Download - Watch Online

Article 15 was the opening film of the 10th Annual London Indian Film Festival, which opened on June 20, 2019. Released in India on June 28th, 2019, the film received positive reviews from critics for its sensitive portrayal of the subject. For commercial success, it has earned more than $931 million ($13 million) worldwide.

Article 15 Full Movie HD Download - Watch Online

In the village of Lal Gaon, we witness two Dalit girls being trapped on a school bus by some men. Ayan Ranjan, St. Stephen's College, Delhi graduates and Indian Police Officers have been appointed as Police Additional Superintendents to Laalgaon and are warmly welcomed by Police Officers Brahmadatt Singh and Kisan Jatav. Upon arriving in town, Ayan faces various forms of caste discrimination and regularly shares what he witnessed by phone to his wife, Aditi. Locals came to Ayan's reception and asked the police to find the missing girls, but they were refused. Ayan reunites with college friend Satyendra Rai, who acts suspiciously overnight.

Article 15 Full Movie HD Download - Watch Online

The next morning, the girls are found hanging from a tree, and the third girl, Puja, is reported missing. Ayan orders Brahmadatt to file an FIR and get a post-mortem report of the dead girl. The girls' autopsies give evidence that they were gang raped, but Brahmadatt prevents the disclosure of this information and instead pushes the story suggesting that the girls who were cousins ​​were intimate and thus were honorably murdered by their father. Meanwhile, Zatab and a junior officer are threatened by the followers of Nishad, the leader of a group of in-town activists seeking quick justice for the crime, and the vehicle is set on fire. Ayan asks Jatav about the matter the next day and decides to solve the case.

Article 15 Full Movie HD Download - Watch Online

Pooja's sister Gaura informs Ayan that she had worked for a local builder named Anshu Naharia who hit Pooja after the girls asked for a pay increase of 3 rupees. Ayan decides to contact Anshu because Bhramadatt tries to persuade him, but Anshu is the son of the Ramlal Naharia region's highest minister. During his interrogation, Anshu says that the girls hit the girls to remind the whole class of their place in society. Disgusted by the moral corruption of the town and the police, Ayan posts a copy of Article 15 of the Indian Constitution prohibiting discrimination based on race, gender, religion, caste or place of birth on a police bulletin board.

Article 15 Full Movie HD Download - Watch Online

Ayan meets the coroner's assistant, Dr. He asked her to go to Luck Now to investigate a DNA sample and contact only him, realizing that a local law enforcement agency was conspiring with Ramlal Naharia to cover up the case. Meanwhile, Mahanty, a Brahmin politician competing for local elections, has formed an alliance with the head of the Raal Gaon Dalit community to show unity between castes, but Nishard plans to protest the war as seeing the war as an unhealthy political ploy. Ayan is trying to convince Nishard to stop protesting to get people to help find Pooja. Nishaad refuses, but allows some of his men to help Ayan's search.

Article 15 Full Movie HD Download - Watch Online

Ayan soon receives a call from Malti and confirms that Anshu was the one who gang raped and murdered the two girls. Ayan gets an arrest warrant for Anshu and raids his house, but Anshu doesn't attend. However, Aya Yan discovers a school bus seen by local residents at the time of the girl's disappearance, and investigates a nearby school (owned by Anshu) to find evidence at the scene of the girls' torture and rape. Elsewhere, Anshu is protected by Brahmadatt, who has been identified as one of the rapists. Brahmadatt kills Anshu to save himself.

Arriving at Pani Kargaral Gaon, a high-ranking CBI officer, halts Ayaon from the case. Ayan does not give up on his efforts and pursues Satyendra. Satyendra admits that he was at a party hosted by Anshu on the night of the crime and witnessed the rape of Anshu, Brahmadatt and police officer Nihal Singh (who works closely with Ayan). In a badly drunk state, the girls later hung their bodies. Aya Yan faces Nihal, who commits suicide in regret.

Jatav arrests Brahmadatt on Ayan's order. Panikar attempts to dismiss Ayan by threatening to dismiss the case, but Ayan has already presented all the evidence to the Minister of the Interior and sharply criticizes the intolerance and injustice of the lower classes among Indian law enforcement agencies. Then Ayan leads another officer through a large swamp to find Pooja. They appear on the other side of the jungle and discover a badly dehydrated puja hiding inside a pipe. They save her and, for her statements, Brahmadutt is sentenced to 11 years in prison for punishment. Mahantji wins the election.

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